Welcome to WESOLVE


WESOLVE FACILITY MANAGEMENT SERVICES have one conditional mission to our approach to business. OUR MOTTO being “SOLUTION TO ALL NEEDS”


"To exceed your expectations in achieving your goals and objectives, while providing current technology information, maintaining high ethical standards and keeping confidentiality as our commitment in all business relationships."


The vision behind starting this company has been a personal desire of our team to give back something to the society that has already been very generous to us over so many years. We have seen this vision over the last three to four years and finally decided to put together our expertise in the field of Engineering, Soft services and Security to give employment to the lesser known team who have been in search of a true company which lives and works within the ethics of business. It is our endeavor to be a part of OUR STAFF, which is foundation and to ensure that transparency is met with and the entire team is part of a larger family called WESOLVE.

WESOLVE thus originated with a sense of belonging and parenting the many professional people in their own arena and marched ahead to give our clients a view of an emerging company with its own crafted values, ethics and a sense of understanding the profession. This facet accepted by all made us to draw new and experienced hands to take the vision of our company forward.

We propel ourselves to deliver the best and professional approach to a business which is very meaningful in its own term, considering the fact that FACILITY is a core activity for WESOLVE and WE would like to grow in it’s true sense as a dedication to its very meaning. The services of WESOLVE are disintegrated into various facets of facility management thus covering the vast areas of Facility. You may refer for more in our “Services offered” section. The different segments thus integrate under one roof of Facility Management and into the umbrella of WESOLVE.